Lost Cities




Lost cities is a 2 player game where two explorers embark to explore the remote corners of the world: the Himalayan Mountains, the Central American rain forest, the Egyptian desert, a mysterious volcano and the bottom of the sea. Players need to get and play cards matching their expeditions in order to score points and can even bet on the success of an expedition (increasing both reward and financial risk). After 3 expedition rounds, the explorer with the highest score wins the game.

  • 2 Players
  • Age: 10+
  • Duration: 30 min


What we Think:

    Lost cities is one of the most praised 2 player games in the board game community. This is a game that has successfully found the balance between simplicity and strategic depth. Lost Cities is a game that you will enjoy playing with the same person because each plays will become more a more challenging. In Lost cities  you play cards in the right order to score points... Quite classic right ? Yes, but it is also a game with many layers of strategic choices that has the potential for very tense and fulfilling plays. See, in Lost Cities each expedition has a cost so you might end-up loosing points if you do not get enough cards for it, Timing is also of the essence as depleting the draw pile ends the turn, always splitting you between the greed of waiting just a bit more and the necessity of closing your expedition. The interaction with your opponent is not as direct as other games but Lost Cities is a game where you need to make decisions. What expeditions will you choose ? Will you dare to bet on their success to increase your gains ? And these cards that are never coming, is your opponent retaining them ? Should you change course then?  If you are considering to get yourself a good two player game, Lost Cities is an absolute must have !!!


    Lost Cities Reviews:



    • ISlaytheDragon: 8.5/10

    "Lost Cities is hands-down one of the best two-player-only games I’ve played. It’s quick and tense, the rules are simple to grasp, and the game offers meaningful decisions on every turn."

    "This is a game that my wife and I keep coming back to and keep finding fresh and fun." - (read full review)


    • The Dice Tower: Tom Vasel (video)

    "It just works together and make sense in a lot of different ways and it's one that I enjoy quite a bit so I look forward to playing it constantly in the future" - (watch full review)


    • The Opinionated Gamers : 

    "Lost Cities is a personal favorite, and is also a favorite of my wife’s.  Indeed, after first playing the game back in 1999, it was the very first game my wife every told me to purchase.  That alone is high, high praise!" - (read full review)



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