Flash Point: Fire Rescue

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In Flash point Fire rescue, players are taking the role of a firemen squad sent to rescue victims from a burning building. Players will need to control the fire blaze, search for victims by investigating points of interest and rescue them before it is too late in order to win the game.

  • 2 to 6 players
  • Age : 10+
  • Duration : 45 min
  • Expansion Available


What we think:

    Who has never dreamed of being a fireman? The theme of Flash Point is the first thing that pops to mind because let’s face it, everybody will be intrigued to play a board game about Firemen. Flash Point: Fire Rescue has something for everybody, the game delivers what it is supposed to; putting down fire, rescuing victims, crashing walls, using a fire truck and an ambulance, the whole panoply of the fire fighter is in your hand to complete you mission. There is also a serious element of challenge as the fire creeps up, appears randomly on the board and explosions will speed up the spread. In these conditions it will become harder and harder to save the victims knowing the building can collapse if it takes too much damage. Flash Point takes a popular theme and delivers a challenging and thrilling experience, we recommend it especially for families with kids but also for friends who want to have a cooperative blast.


    Flash Point Reviews:



    • Board Game Quest: 

    "Top 10 Cooperative Games" : 9th postition(read full Top List)


    • The Board Game Family : 3.8/10

    "Flash Point plays in a relatively short amount of time for the type of game that it is and as such is easy to set up and play again. And when you lose, that’s exactly what you’ll want to do – play it again. It’s also going to be a game that stays within reach on the game shelf for frequent play." (read full review)


    • ISlaytheDragon: 9.5/10

    "Sure, it won’t satisfy your hardcore itch, but it’s definitely a lunch game or a family game you won’t get bored with.  Two sides to the board offer different options and challenges, adding more replay value. I can’t recommend it enough." - (read full review)


    • The Dice Tower with The Game Boy Geek

    "It's good for families and it´s good for gamers, what else could you ask for?" - (watch full review)


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