Citadels (2016 edition)




Citadels is a role-based card game where each player is striving to complete his own city in order to get the most points. Players choose different roles with special abilities at the beginning of each turn that will give them decisive power to get what they want or ruin their adversary's agendas.

This 2016 edition includes :

  • All the content from the previous editions by Fantasy Flight Games (including dark city expansion)

  • Nine new characters

  • Twelve new districts developed by the original designer.

  • Updated graphic design and all-new art


  • 2 to 8 players
  • Age: 10+
  • Duration: 20 - 60 min


What We Think:

Citadels is a game that is accessible for any type of players, 2 to 3 rounds will leave you in total control of the game and its mechanics. This is a simple game that will  satisfy new and more experienced players thanks to its fast pace and a great  role playing aspect. Citadels is a city building game where a very ingenuous role playing mechanic makes the difference. Players need to guess to guess who is who around the table before making their move while choosing characters that will grant them the power they need to fulfil their strategy.  Another great aspect of this game is its scalability, it can be played with many different numbers of players and even make for a great 2 player game. Citadels has something for everybody, give it a try!


Citadels Reviews:


  • Shut Up and Sit Down:

"The first game we ever reviewed on the show is still a favourite of mine and still just as murderous as ever." (read full review)


  • ISlayTheDragon: 10/10

"The design is a masterpiece of simplicity and interaction – a poster child of the old adage, “Less is more,” if ever there was one.  Faidutti has created an eminently fun and accessible game simply by refusing to overburden the design with cumbersome and superfluous elements." -       (read full review)


  • The dice tower (video): The Boar Game Geek

I really enjoy the game! I like role selection, I like card drafting, I like trying to build stuff, so over all the game is good! - (watch full review)


  • The Little Metal Dog Show

As I said in the beginning, Citadels is simple and nasty. It’s a game which is very easy to pick up but still filled with bluffing, strategy and skill – who could really ask for more? - (read full review)


Watch it Played:

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