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Dear reader,

Finding board games is no a hard thing to do. The popular website "Board Game Geek" has 800 pages of ranked board game...

Having such a choice can be quite overwhelming. A bit like choosing paint in a modern DYI store, you go there thinking buying yellow paint is easy but you soon realise that there are 25 types of the damn thing ( -.-')

So how do I make sure my games are good? I mean very good? I mean let's-play-again-I'm-having-a-blast, holy-Molly-I-didn't-know-board games-were-actually-fun, good?

Think you got what it takes to be on my shelve?

always check for reviews before buying!


You will find below the reviewers I Trust when deciding to add a title to All-A-Board catalogue. They can disagree from time to time but when they all align to announce a game is excellent, you struck gold!!! 



 1) Board Game Geek: 


Board Game Geek is the online holy temple of board gaming. All board games you can think of are listed there and are rated by thousands of players. Making it to the top 10 of the Geek is a sign of greatness for any board game. It is a great place to start if you want to know what a game is worth and if you want to get in touch with the community. "The" reference!



2) The Dice Tower:


Tom Vasel is a very influential figure in the board game community thanks to his countless reviews and his dedication to the hobby. The Dice tower started in 2005 with Tom and other contributors including Sam Healey, Zee Garcia, Ryan Metzler, The Game Boy Geek and plenty more. The Dice Tower has become a trusted stamp of approval with its own "Dice Tower Awards" and features countless reviews. Their You Tube videos are short and very informative and I also strongly recommend you to watch Tom, Sam and Zee´s top 10 lists which are very interesting and fun to watch.

Here is a very good one, enjoy! - Top 10 Essential Game



3) Board Game Quest :



Created in 2012 as a simple blog, Board Game Quest has evolved into a full on board game news, reviews and information website. It is Thanks to its detailed, very well illustrated and serious reviews that Board Game Quest has become one of the best board game reviews website out there. Getting a good grade in Board Game Quest sure is a big deal for any board game. A must read!

Here is a review of Ticket to Ride Europe so you can check the quality of their content.



4) Shut Up and Sit Down:


"We founded SU&SD with the aim of getting more people into board gaming. It turns out we’re really good at that" - And they really are! SU&HD is an extremely reliable, fun and engaging bunch of reviewers that will offer you witty and insightful reviews. Matt, Quins, Paul, Pip and the rest of the British crew of SU&SD are really creative when reviewing board games and fully capable of releasing a video featuring a board game review + the secret  for a successful "Flaming B-52 cocktails"  or even a recipe for "Sausage and Mash". SU&SD fully understands what modern board gaming should be and you should listen to them.

And Yeah! Here is the review of the copperation game "Flash Point Flaming B-52 cocktails"  and the party game "Cash'n Guns + Sausage and Mash". 



5) The Board Game Family:



Board games are closely linked to family time. they are a wonderful way to get together for some good quality time together. The board game family is composed by Trevor, Jaden, Brooke and Caleb as well as their Mom and Dad and they all review board games together to give their opinion and rate games. If you want to see if a board game will be enjoyed by all your loved ones, this is a great place to start. You will find in here videos as well as written reviews to help you choose your next family hit.

Here is a review of the cooperation game "Forbidden Island" by the Board Game Family!



6) ISlaytheDragon:


ISlaytheDragon is a collaborative blog about board games made by passionate board game enthusiasts. @futurewolfie, @farmerlenny, Janson, Andrew, Meghan and Jennifer are the "Slayers" who deliver many board game reviews, very informative guides and news about the board game world to keep readers updated. Their reviews are great and will go deep into the mechanics of the games, board games are given grades and reviews feature plenty of images to give you an idea of the aesthetic appeal of the game. ISlaytheDragon is a wonderfully made blog full of information. If you are curious about board games, you should check it out!

Here is a review of the pirate adventure board game Jamaica made by ISlaytheDragon, happy reading!



 7) Drake's Flames:


"crassly opinionated reviews and occasional bathroom humor". This is the motto of Drake's Flame, a web log run by Matt Drake. Matt is not writing reviews since Nov 2014 but the content is still accessible with reviews he has made over 15 years. Why recommending a non active website then? Because of the sheer quality of what Drake's flame has to offer. The reviews are here full of hilarious comments and Matt does not hold any punches, never! To me, this is one of the funniest blog I ever red and I always check if a title is in Matt Drake's library when looking for a review. just check it out, you won't regret it.

Here is a review of the hilarious I'm the Boss made by Matt Drake - Priceless!!



8) Rock Paper Shotgun:


Rock Paper Shotgun is about gaming, PC gaming. So far, nothing to do with board game right? Yes, but they also have a little show on the side called Card Board Children and it is awesome! Cheeky, brutally honest, funny and with attitude, their reviews are excellent to know if a board game has what it takes to be a must have. If you are also interested by PC gaming you will love them.

Here is their review of the excellent confrontation game "Cosmic Encounter".  



9) The Little Metal Dog Show:



The little metal dog show started in in April 2010 and has more than 280 reviews that they have nicely put in alphabetical order. Their reviews are personal, in depth and insightful + their logo is simply way too cute not to pay them a visit. I never forget to stop by LMDS whenever I am fishing for reviews. 

Here is a review of the strategic game "7 wonders" by the Little Metal Dog Show". 


10) Board Game reviews by Josh :



Josh loves board game, Josh has a blog where he reviews board games, I love reading what Josh has to say. I could try to sum up what Josh's blog is all about but he does it a hundred times better so here goes: This is my blog where I "review" (ramble about) board games that I play. Then, at the end, I put a highly subjective number which most of you will probably disagree with. In fact, I won't necessarily agree with my own number a week or two later. Focus on text...

Check out Josh opinion about the 2 player game "Jaipur".



THAT'S IT FOLKS ! Here they are, my 10 most trusted board game advisors on the web. I try my best to offer only the best board games so these guys are of great help whenever it is time to add a title to the catalogue. Writing about them is my way of thanking all of them for the outstanding work and the sheer effort they put into the hobby. I hope All-A-board will contribute in giving them more light and public. And to you reader, thank you for reading and see you soon at




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