Ideas for this Christmas : 3 reasons why you should consider Board Games!

Here we go again! Every year is the same, time flies like a rocket and before you know it, Christmas is at your doorstep.

Finding the right gift can be nerve racking and if you are like me then you are in for a challenge and pressure is high ! pleasing teenagers is a risky affair. In the same way, finding kids a toy that will not end up collecting dust is a true accomplishment. What about you other half, how about your friends ? NIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!


Want to be the Christmas hero this year ?


Two words for you, Board Games. Here is some inspiration and reasons why you should consider board games this Christmas :




Board games are a great way for families, couples and friends to spend time together. They have the great power of having everyone stopping what they do, switching their phones off and gather around a table or even a carpet to have fun together. Offering a great board game gives you the insurance of spending a quality day with your family, your friends or just the two of you on your christmas holiday. Plus, a good board game will rarely stay collecting dust for long, you might grow tired of playing it after an intense session but there will always be someone to say "hey, how about a little play?"

 It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeaaar !!!




If there is one thing Christmas is great for, it is gathering your loved ones and forging fond memories. There are particular activities, food or games that we all remember as being pillars of our Christmas childhood. Board games are great to create these traditions and special moments. Why? They provide the space and opportunity to have everyone share a fun and hilarious moment, such moments create a tradition that will have everybody waiting with excitement for the next Christmas holiday.


 This little guy's been training all year to give you a taste for defeat.




Now let’s be clear about this! It will not be such an original idea if you plan to offer your loved ones Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit this year, they will no doubt be delighted but chances are they already know these games. The key for originality here is to go beyond the heavyweights and to scratch the surface a little bit. There is a vivid fauna of board games that are truly outstanding and will allow you to slip under the guard of your loved ones to score a Christmas knockout.

                  Team up to save the world from viruses in Pandemic.                


In Jamaica, players compete in a pirate race around the island.



This is where All-a-board enters into play. We have a passion for board games and our mission is to help people navigate this world by picking the crème de la crème of games that are both excellent and accessible for a large public. We have games that will have you, team up to save the world from viruses, roam the high seas, defend your castle from foes, bet on racing camels, rob trains, build civilizations, party and laugh out loud, escape a cursed temple, hunt for treasures, raise armies, conquer worlds, survive zombie hordes, colonize planets… and much more. We invite you to come and have a look at our selection of top games and suggestions, we might have just what you need!


The best of success in your Christmas shopping

Thank you for reading and take it easy








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