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Good day and welcome to All-A-Board UK!!!


All-A-Board UK has been created in November 2015 by me Thomas. Why? Because one day back in 2015 I was quite bored and looking for something to do at home that did not involve TV or Video Games, I found something I had not thought about in a long time: Board Games!

I started slow searching for some very good 2 player board games for my girlfriend and I, we loved it so I got some bigger board games to play with our friends. Like most people my knowledge of board games was limited to the biggies (Risk, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Clue etc). Thanks to some serious research I found titles that proved a riot and we all started to grow fond of gathering once in a while and have a board game session.


How do you go from playing to selling ?

Well it is quite simple actually. I grew quite fond of screening the internet for the very best board games that would be accessible for my people but also fundamentally awesome! So I ended up with a selection of titles made from top 10 lists, board game reviews and playthroughs. The Idea of All-A-Board is simply to make people rediscover board games through a careful selection of the different game titles.


What is the difference between you and other board game retailers ?

Board Games retailers you will find on internet can boast about impressive quantities and varieties of titles but chances are you will feel quite overwhelmed if you are no familiar with board games, There is a huge amount of board games out there! 

All-A-Board UK is here to help people choosing the right one. We do not offer as many titles as other retailers. Instead, we focus on shortlisting board games that are all critically acclaimed and considered must have. Each board game is presented in details, with what we think about them and with extracts of reviews you can access.

I also aim to enrich content with the All-A-Board Blog by providing original and useful information on board games. 


How about prices and service?

Yes, of course!

  • About Prices:

I intend to do my best to be competitive, All-A-Board Prices are generally among the most competitive of the market and transport cost is simply "gone" when you reach £25.00 to compress prices as best as possible.

  • About Service:

I think this is where All-A-Board UK makes the real difference, you will notice through the reviews All-A-Board gradually got that I take great care in making sure that any board game you purchase arrives in time and in good condition. You can call me any time if you need advice or any piece of information and should problems arise, you will deal directly with me and we will find a solution together.

 Relax! you are in good hands.


Thank you for being here and enjoy your visit.

Have a great time on All-A-Board UK!